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Benefits of Cleaning Your Chimney This Winter Season

Benefits of Cleaning Your Chimney This Winter Season As winter's chill settles in, the allure of a crackling fire in your fireplace becomes irresistible. But before you ignite those logs, there's an essential winter ritual that homeowners should never overlook – chimney cleaning. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about safety, efficiency, and overall peace of mind. In this blog, we'll explore the compelling reasons why getting your chimney cleaned this winter is a must. [...]

End of Summer Checklist for Your Chimney

End of Summer Checklist for Your Chimney Autumn is just around the corner. Avoid fire hazards by ensuring your chimney is well-maintained before the onset of cooler weather. We’ve compiled an end-of-summer checklist that includes six ways to prepare your chimney for use this year! #1 Clean Up Around Your Fireplace Oftentimes, last winter’s ashes are forgotten in your fireplace and can negatively impact your home. Removing them will improve air quality and reduce [...]

The Four Most Common Types of Fireplace Repairs

Top Signs that You Might Need a Chimney Repair Fireplaces can last a lifetime if cared for and maintained properly. Noticing damage early is key to helping minimize repair costs. We’ve compiled a list of 4 common fireplace repair problems and signs you may need a repair! Damaged or Cracked Chimney A damaged or cracked chimney is a very common type of fireplace repair. Damage can occur due to aging, extreme weather, or [...]

Chimney Sweep Earns 2021 Angi Super Service Award

Chimney Sweep is proud to announce that it has earned the home service industry’s coveted Angi Super Service Award (SSA). This award honors service professionals who have maintained high service ratings and reviews on Angi in 2021. “These outstanding businesses have helped homeowners not only maintain their homes, but also evolve them into spaces that can handle life, work, school and entertainment under one roof,” said Bryan Ellis, senior executive at Angi. “Our homeowners’ consistent positive reviews make it clear: [...]

Do You Have a Chimney Leak?
Here’s What You Need to Know

It's Important to Know How to Recognize the Warning Signs of a Leaky Chimney To prevent further issues and even the risk of fire, it's crucial that homeowners be proactive in their chimney maintenance. A leaky chimney is not only dangerous but can lead to structural damage as well. So what are some ways that homeowners can detect if their chimneys have leaks? Here are 5 warning signs: Sounds or visible evidence of dripping Discolored bricks, including efflorescence [...]

Yes, You Need to Clean Your Dryer Vent Annually. Here’s Why.

Home maintenance plans and schedules must include a dryer vent cleaning. When thinking of the functionality, safety, and performance of your dryer, think beyond the appliance itself — keeping your dryer’s vent system clear and well-functioning is essential to proper clothes drying, saving energy, and staying safe! Benefits of a good clean Dryer vent cleaning removes lint, dirt, and debris that builds up within vent piping. As clothes dry in the dryer, water is [...]

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