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How to Use an Indoor Fireplace: A Guide for North Dallas Residents

Fireplace 101 for Texans: Texas—the Lone Star State—is known as one of the most temperamental locations when it comes to its weather. As Dallas natives, we know all too well that one day it could be a scalding 102 degrees and the next—snow! Okay, that might be a bit dramatic…but you get the point! Make sure you’re prepared for any surprise winter weather by learning the basics on how to properly use your indoor fireplace. Make [...]

All About Dryer Vent Cleaning and Why It’s Necessary!

All About Dryer Vent Cleaning and Why It’s Necessary! Believe it or not, many people aren’t aware of the need to clean out your dryers’ vent. It’s common to think that cleaning off the lint trap in your dyer is the only maintenance required to keeping a dryer up and running... but that’s not the case! Here is everything that you need to know about your dryer vent and signs that it’s time for a routine cleaning. [...]

Chimney and Fireplace Maintenance for Fall and Winter

Fall Chimney Preparation Finally, fall is here! The weather is cooling, colors changing, and maybe you're getting an itch to light up your fireplace and with a nice hot cup of tea. Before you get that first fire of the season, take time to complete the necessary cleaning and safety steps to keep your home healthy. The National Fire Protection Association of America recommends an annual chimney inspection and fall chimney cleaning to remove dangerous creosote buildup before any [...]

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