Chimney Sweep Cleaning Services

We Cover Your Chimney Cleaning
and Chimney Service Needs

Offering Our customers complete chimney cleaning & maintenance services.

We understand that perhaps the only thing less welcome to you than a chimney fire is an exorbitant and unexpected chimney cleaning service fee! We offer fair and competitive rates on all jobs, and in some cases can offer same-day service!

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The Chimney Sweep Services:
  • Chimney Cleaning
  • Chimney Relining
  • Bird & Animal Removal
  • Smoke Problem Correction
  • Safety Inspections
  • Rain Leak Repair
  • Brick & Chimney Crown Repair
  • Flashing Repair
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Damper Installation & Repair
  • Fireplace Gas Line Installation and Repair
    *starter bar inside firebox only

The Chimney Sweep also Installs:

Chimney Cleaning

Sweeping your Chimney
We love helping families enjoy the warm, cozy moments by the fireplace safely. This is why we have maintained a “customer is always right” policy since our first day in 1980. With easy scheduling, skilled technicians and state of the art equipment, we make the whole process as simple and enjoyable as possible for you.

Highly Skilled Technicians
Our technicians always prepare clean work areas before starting to stop all suit from leaving your fireplace. In addition, we use powerful state of the art equipment to remove all soot before it ever leaves the air, as our technician sweeps through your chimney.

Animal Removal

Animal in your chimney
We offer prevention and removal for animals that can often find their ways into the chimney’s of residents and offices alike. Such animals usually include raccoons, squirrels, birds and owls, which seek shelter in areas such as chimneys that do not have a cap installed.

Chimney Caps
A chimney cap is often the best solution for preventing animals from entering your chimney and home. After removing the animal, proper waste and debris removal is typically necessary as well as a thorough clean to prevent further hazards from being present when using your fireplace.

Lint Buildup
Lint builds up over time as you use your dryer from water being removed from your wet clothes. Over time, you need to remove this lint in order to properly maintain your dryer and prevent what may be the biggest fire hazard in your home.

Signs of a Problem
Look out for the sure signs of excess lint from occurrences such as: clothes taking longer to dry, not drying completely, seeming hotter than usual after drying cycle, humidity build up in laundry room.

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