Whether or not you use your fireplace to light a fire this fall, there are some fun ways to make staying home more exciting. You can create a fun fall focal point with these simple and entertaining ideas. Before you try any of these ideas, you’ll want to make sure your fireplace is clean by hiring a professional chimney cleaning service

Get creative with decorative pumpkin displays

Each fall, local markets sell a variety of delightful pumpkins, from fairytale pumpkins to the traditional orange pumpkins. You can buy an assortment and design an arrangement in and around your fireplace. This will add a touch of color to the room.

Level up your spookiness by adding pumpkins to the flames

Don’t worry, you can use fireproof pumpkins. This creepy illusion is the perfect touch during the Halloween season. If you want to shock your guests, they even have fireproof skulls! They are great conversation starters as well. You’ll have guests scratching their heads trying to figure out how you pulled it off.

fall fireplace ideas

Create a romantic candle arrangement

If you love candles, go all out! You can buy an elaborate candelabra and create a beautiful composition of candles. Imagine you and your partner cuddled up on a blanket in front of your candle-lit fireplace. Before lighting those candles, make sure the chimney and fireplace have been cleaned. You get all the allure of fire without the heat!

Make the ordinary extraordinary

If you plan to use your fireplace for fires, you can add a scented fire starter. You can find anything from pinecone scents to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Pick a smell to set the mood inside your home!

As you can see, fireplaces aren’t just for fires! As the centerpieces of living rooms, they do draw a lot of attention, so make sure your fireplace is ready to dazzle. Before trying any of these ideas, make sure your chimney and fireplace are cleaned by a professional service

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