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Do I Need to Have My Chimney Serviced?


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that in one year, 5,500 fires were attributed to chimneys. As a result of these fires, 130 people died, 230 people were injured, and total property loss was set at more than $184.4 million. In addition, there were a minimum of 119 deaths from carbon monoxide and at [...]

Do I Need to Have My Chimney Serviced?2020-08-18T08:13:43-05:00

What is a Chimney Safety Inspection?


The Chimney Sweep serviceman will check the condition of your firebox, damper, and flue to determine typical problems such as built up creosote, mortar deterioration, obstructions inside the flue, and malfunctioning damper parts. He will alert you to any problems that he finds and provide you with a written estimate for any needed chimney repairs. [...]

What is a Chimney Safety Inspection?2020-08-18T08:08:03-05:00

What Causes Creosote or ‘Soot’?


Creosote or "soot" is caused by simply burning materials, such as wood, in your fireplace. There is no way to prevent the buildup of creosote. Now you are probably asking, "What is creosote?" It is basically unburned fuel that gathers in the form of black powder, flakes, or a baked-on glaze, depending on the degree of [...]

What Causes Creosote or ‘Soot’?2020-08-18T08:08:33-05:00

What Causes Smoke Problems in Chimneys?


Sometimes, more than one thing can contribute to a smoking problem. Smoke problems may be caused by: A dirty flue / chimney preventing draft A bigger or smaller flue than needed Improper air pressure in the house Wind direction Obstruction in flue Damper not opening properly If you need your chimney cleaned request an online [...]

What Causes Smoke Problems in Chimneys?2020-08-18T08:09:41-05:00

What is a Spark Arrestor?


A spark arrestor is a metal screen that catches sparks and hot embers that may escape your chimney if not in place. Today, spark arrestors are commonly built into chimney caps, which our company can provide and install for you. If you need your chimney cleaned request an online quote or call us today at [...]

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