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The Chimney Sweep offers the best tools and technology to keep your fireplace in excellent condition. We also offer quality products that will keep your chimney in tip-top shape. Our staff knows chimneys from the inside-out, so you can count on us giving you the best tips on keeping your chimney charming, clean and safe

All of our chimney caps come with a lifetime guarantee.

Wind, hail or other storm damage? You can count on a free re-installation, with no service charge.

An unsafe chimney puts your home and your family at risk! For a clean sweep, call 972-442-0227. Remember – for maximum safety – every chimney needs a cap.

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Hello “The Chimney Sweep”

I wanted you folks to know that I was really impressed with the way your company handled my business. From the first person that answered the phone, to the nice man that came to my house. They both were very enthusiastic, willing to work with me, and willing to share their knowledge. It has been a real pleasure working with The Chimney Sweep!!

Thank you!

Michael and Anita

Dear Mr. Tapp,

I will start at the beginning. We recently had a very disappointing experience with a roofing company. After repeated attempts with this roofing company to correct a really bad leak in our chimney, and a $775 bill later, we still had water pouring into our home both upstairs and downstairs. With the recent heavy rains, our home was a mess and we were so frustrated we didn’t know where to turn.

I have noticed your trucks around town for many years but kind of made an incorrect assumption that the Chimney Sweep was a Chimney Cleaning business. In my utter frustration, Thursday April 9th, I googled The Chimney Sweep and called sometime mid-morning to see if CS does repairs too. Boy, I sure wish we had called you first!!!

Within 20 minutes of my initial call, Damon called me and we agreed that he would grab a quick bite to eat, allow me to do some things I needed to get done, and come by to look at our problem. He showed up within the hour. Damon did a thorough inspection both inside and outside and discovered a number of issues with both of our fireplaces, some we were aware of and some we were not. The urgent issue of the moment, causing the intense inside downpours, was swiftly uncovered by Damon and he made the recommendation that we have a cricket installed, and there was a gaping hole in the flashing (which the roofing company didn’t see or correct), and the cricket would prevent it from happening again down the road.

Damon game me an “on the spot” quote for this work (which, by the way, was substantially less than what we paid the roofing company to do a really shoddy and incomplete job, possibly not even use new material and NOT replace the flashing that was rusted through and causing the leaks) along with pricing for several other items that he recommended we address. We went ahead and asked that we be scheduled for the cricket installation as soon as possible. Much to our surprise, your team was a able to schedule this to be done the following day, on Friday BEFORE we were expected to have bad storms over Easter weekend.

By Sunday morning, the rain was really coming down… but it was not coming down in our bedroom or living room. We were ecstatic!  We will continue to watch it to make sure there is no further water intrusion, as we are aware that sometimes water intrusion can be tricky, but our gut says the problem was diagnosed correctly and repaired correctly. I feel very confident that if we do see any H2O), that you guys will be here in a heartbeat to figure out what is going on.

Thanks and Best Regards!


Dear Mr. Tapp,

Kudos to you and your company! Your people and service made my day! After having to leave work early to meet a service repairman about my clothes dryer and finding out the problem was the dryer vent, NOT the dryer, I was told to call a chimney sweep to take care of my clothes dryer problem. Now, I already had to leave work early, and already had to pay a repairman for a service call, so I figured I would need to replay this scenario by arranging to have a chimney sweep come to my home another day. I quickly pulled out my Yellow Pages and under Chimney Cleaning found several numbers and ads. I preceded to randomly call some of them hoping there was enough business hours left in the day to get service. Service in the same day?!? Who was I kidding? Needless to say, after calling a few numbers and getting answering machine, and hanging up, I turned the page and saw your ad. It was easy to read and full of good information and references. I immediately dialed the number and a real live human being answered the phone! The young lady was professional, kind and understanding, listened to my dilemma and although she could not promise service the same day, she said she would check on the possibility and call me back. Within 30 minutes, Alexis called me back and gave me a time frame in which someone would be there. TERRIFIC! A service many named Robert arrived in the designated time given. You could tell he knew what he was doing and he wasted no time in getting the job done. He was very courteous and thorough. He cleaned the vent and checked the vent on the roof top. He explained, as I watched him work, how the vents get clogged. I was surprised to see all the lent that came out of the vent! He finished and gave me a receipt and went on his way.

I was pleased and impressed with the effort, kindness, and professionalism I was treated with and will gladly and confidently recommend “The Chimney Sweep” to the many people I see at my place of business, as well as, friends, family and neighbors. Thank you for having key people in place that made a difference in my day and contribute to making your business the success that it is!

Barb Pierce

I want to give a shout out to T.J. and your company. I received a quote from another company two thirds higher than your quote to fix my broken gas fireplace. I was so relieved to receive your quote. The work was done quickly and perfectly. I am so thankful to have found The Chimney Sweep. I can not say enough about how thankful I am that there is still fair and honest companies like yours!

Suzy McCraw

Just wanted you to know how happy I was with your service. The tech was on time, friendly, and even tightened the gas pipe. I will definitely recommend.

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