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We had these guys come out to clean our chimney and fireplace today. Their initial estimate was $160, which I thought was a little high. I received a call from the company the day before our appointment to confirm everything. They remember that I had mentioned we had twins and were rather particular about their schedule, offering another appointment time that worked better for our kids.

Elliot was the one who came out to do the work. He called about 30 min. prior to our the scheduled appointment to let us know he was on the way. Once he started the work I was very impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail. Being an OCD person, it takes a lot for me to be satisfied with someone’s work, much less impressed. He took the time to explain a couple problems he found and addressed every question we had. In the end, the totally was less than the initial estimate. He could have charged us full price and we would not have complained at all. But saving even $20 is a big deal. Great company, great employees, great work

– Matthew

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