We Cover Your Chimney Cleaning
and Chimney Service Needs

Sweeping your Chimney

We love helping families enjoy the warm, cozy moments by the fireplace safely. This is why we have maintained a “customer is always right” policy since our first day in 1980. With easy scheduling, skilled technicians and state of the art equipment, we make the whole process as simple and enjoyable as possible for you.

How often should chimneys be cleaned?

We generally recommend for our customers to have a sweep done on an annual basis, or more often if the fireplace is used more frequently, or if at least a chord of wood has been burned. This is also the recommendation of the National Fire Protection Association.

Reasons to keep your chimneys clean.

Creosote builds up inside the chimney/fireplace and is a fire hazard, it is also the leading cause of house fires in the US. A lot of people think that they don’t need to have a sweep performed because they have not used their fireplace, but cob webs as well as bird droppings and nesting can also be a safety/fire hazard.

Highly Skilled Technicians

Our technicians always prepare clean work areas before starting to stop all suit from leaving your fireplace. In addition, we use powerful state of the art equipment to remove all soot before it ever leaves the air, as our technician sweeps through your chimney.

More Chimney Cleaning FAQS!

Our company does not believe in using any unsafe or harmful chemicals, we perform our sweeps the old fashioned way. We use specialized tools such as long poles and brushes, and we use powerful vacuums designed for this type of work.

This is not necessarily a problem but could be, we always recommend to new homeowners that they have their fireplace swept and inspected because they do not know when the last time any maintenance was performed by the previous homeowner.

  • A lot of soot or ash is present in the fireplace or you can see visible signs of creosote build-up on the walls of the fire box.
  • A constant smokey smell emitting from their fireplace.
  • The fireplace isn’t venting properly
  • There is a back draft when in use.
  • The starter bar in a gas fireplace, all of the flames are not lighting properly and may be clogged by creosote.
Our technicians come fully prepared with drop clothes to ensure there is no mess and to make sure no soot or dust should travel into the room. We recommend our customers remove any valuables they have on their mantle, this is not typically an issue, but we feel it is “better to be safe than sorry”. Also if the customer has any large furniture that could be obstructing the access to the fireplace itself, that it been moved at least six feet away from the fireplace.
Our company does not perform different levels of sweep services, but we do offer different types of services depending on if it is a wood burning fire place or a gas fireplace with gas logs.