It’s Important to Know How to Recognize the Warning Signs of a Leaky Chimney

To prevent further issues and even the risk of fire, it’s crucial that homeowners be proactive in their chimney maintenance. A leaky chimney is not only dangerous but can lead to structural damage as well. So what are some ways that homeowners can detect if their chimneys have leaks?

Here are 5 warning signs:

  1. Sounds or visible evidence of dripping
  2. Discolored bricks, including efflorescence or rust stains
  3. Spalling masonry (flaking or peeling)
  4. Condensation forms on windows near the fireplace
  5. Mildew or moldy odors

What Causes a Chimney Leak

Water leaks are an inevitable part of owning any home. The sooner you know about them, the less expensive it will be for repairs, and prevention is key. Annual inspections can help prevent these things from happening which equals saving big bucks on potentially more costly projects down the road.

How Does Cleaning My Chimney Prevent Leaks?

Scheduling your annual chimney cleaning and inspection is necessary for keeping your chimney safe and leak-free all year round. Chimneys are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning, but they’re just as important as any other part of your home. Having professionals come out to clean and inspect your chimney helps prevent small issues such as leaks and build-up from becoming bigger which saves time and money in the long run.

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The Chimney Sweep

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Chimney Sweep offers professional cleaning and leak repair services for your chimney along with other services such as animal removal and dryer vent cleaning. The pros at Chimney Sweep have the training and experience needed to get chimneys inspected properly and thoroughly cleaned to provide a safe environment for your home.

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